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Oversized Bandanas For Sale

 ***A great big THANK YOU to everyone who ordered a Bandanas-For-A-Cause back in July, together we raised a total $306.00 towards Daisy's medical expenses. We didn't quite reach our goal, but the good news is that with the help of other artists donating proceeds from commissions and a charity providing financial help for medical bills, Daisy is back on her feet and is even going back to work this month.*** That being said I have left over stock that I would like to sell!  They are $10.oo USD Domestic shipping is included, International shipping please add $5.oo USD. (100% cotton,  27" inches wide, machine washable, machine sewn, and have snap closure for easy on/off.)  Available:  Peppers (2)  Rainbow Stripe (5)  Flames (1)  Pawprint (1)  Skulls/Hearts (6)  Rainbows/Unicorns (2)  Turquoise (1)  Purple (1)  Dinos (6)  Cupcakes (7)  Leaves (4)  Checkered (2)  Recycle (1)  Green (1)  Red (1)  TO PURCHASE:  Paypal only please!  Please send and e-mail to VegaTKG[at]gmail[dot]com please copy/paste in the following ordering information: (DO NOT send payment to this address, I will give you further instructions via reply e-mail.)  Your full name:  Your paypal address (if different from your e-mail): Address to be shipped to:  Color/pattern(s) you would like: 

Bandanas For A Cause

Hello everyone! 

Anthrocon 2011 was a whole lot of fun for most of us; however it came with very saddening news for a friend and fellow performer/fursuiter...

Daisy (DaisyDragon/Kandifurgirl of FA) was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, doctors were able to determine that it had not spread far and can be removed via surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery would require her to take up to two weeks off of work for recovery and she doesn't have insurance to cover the costs. With the terrible economy we all know this can be devastating. Cancer is such a horrible thing, and Daisy really doesn't deserve to have to endure the ridiculous financial strain it causes. 

So, I will donate 50% of all my bandana sales through July/August towards helping her out. 
After much tinkering with math, and science and all that; I have found the right size for fursuit bandanas and am able to make them 'en masse! (To anyone who I previously made a bandana and you are not satisfied with it, I will re-make one at no cost to you.) 

GOAL- $500.00 in donations to Daisy (If this goal can be reached I will donate an additional $100.00!) 
SO FAR - $306.00 (as of 7/31/11) 

Fursuit Bandanas - $10.00
(machine sewn, 27" across, easy on/off snap closure) 

Red (SOLD OUT), Orange (1), Yellow (SOLD OUT), Green Apple (1), Turquoise (SOLD OUT), Purple (1). 

Chile Peppers (2), Flames (1), PawPrint (1), Cupcake (7), Dinosaurs (7), Heart Skulls (6), Rainbow Stripe (5), Leaves (5), Splatter Skulls (SOLD OUT), Unicorns/rainbows (1). 

Paypal only please! ( It will be easier to send Daisy her donations this way.) 
Please send and e-mail to VegaTKG[at]gmail[dot[com with copy/paste the following (DO NOT send payment to this e-mail address!!! I will give you further instructions via reply e-mail)

Bandanas For A Cause
First name: 
Color/print/ number of desired bandana(s): 
Address to be shipped to: 

Please help Daisy out, she is a wonderful person who just needs a bit of support right now! 

Mar. 2nd, 2010

 Welcome, no matter how you found my journal you should at least know a bit about me! 

 Yup, that's me. Tamatha K.G. 

Entertainer, performer, artist, adventurer, sushi extraordinaire. Grew up in the Bay area, CA but now living in Orlando, FL. When not working I enjoy cartooning, and will one day aspire to a career in animation/illustration specializing in storyboarding. Character performance/ dance is a hobby of mine and is deeply rooted in my cartooning. Vega has been a long time character and personification, as well as the icon of my art business.  

Vega (c) TamathaKG  (TKG Studios) 

Alien, flamingo enthusiast, all around silly little creature; she's just curious about her new home Earth. First sketched out in junior high, and after many years of design changes later, she now roams conventions entertaining whomever happens to be in the area. (Many thanks to Lindsey of www.furrhappens.com for bringing her to life in the 4-D world).  Although my art appeals to the "furry" community and Vega is what they call a "fursuit"  I do not consider myself what the media portrays as a "furry". All of my art and performance of Vega is strictly a PG rating. 

This journal will be friends only, feel free to send a request. And mostly a hodge-podge of art/photography and randomness. So, sit back, enjoy, and most of all, thank you for reading. 

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